Q: Why does my loved one need dental care if they have dentures?

A: Even though they have dentures, dental health is still an important issue for them. Often gums and dentures can cause pain, don’t fit properly, or become damaged. This may make chewing difficult or make eating an embarrassing experience. Ultimately their health suffers. Poor oral hygiene, even where only the gums exist, can ultimately be the source of other health problems.

Q: Doesn’t the nursing facility provide the dental care?

A: The nursing facility provides routine assistance with tooth brushing. However, residents should still have annual oral exams and access to a qualified dental professional for proper maintenance of their teeth, gums and dentures.

Q: How often is my loved one seen?

A: Our program provides for a minimum of quarterly visits to the facility. A licensed dentist will perform any work (extractions, fillings, etc.), covered under the plan, that have been identified during the exam. We also offer licensed Hygienists who visit the facilities at regularly scheduled intervals to perform cleanings.

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